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Here at Car Wraps Boston we have a long list of services and packages available. Our professional installers can turn any vehicle into a work of art. Reach out to us today for a free estimate!

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Car Wraps Boston

Thank you for taking the time to look through our Boston car wraps website. We appreciate all of the support the community has provided us over the years and welcome new customers! Here at Car Wraps Boston we are dedicated to providing high quality vinyl wraps for affordable prices.

Customers have told us that other wrap shops in Boston do not provide the number of services we do. We have a wide array of services and packages to ensure no customer is turned away. Some of the premium services we can provide include (but are not limited to) camo car wrap, carbon fiber wrap, black chrome wrap, chrome wrap and many more. The next time you search for “vinyl wrap near me” call us for a free estimate

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About Our Boston Car Wraps Shop

We are a premier vinyl wrap Boston Shop serving Boston and the surrounding areas with high quality vinyl wrap. We have done our best to establish ourselves as the foremost wrap shop in the area. From our inception we set out a goal to construct a menu of services and packages that would cater to every type of person. We want everyone in the Boston area to have the opportunity to use our services that is why our vehicle wraps cost a fraction of our competitors! We want to be a household name when it comes to 3M vinyl wrap. When you search “vinyl wrap car near me” our name should be on top of the list! We are known for providing the highest quality car wraps Boston MA has to offer. We want to prove our proficiencies to you, so if you are in the market do not hesitate to reach out for a free estimate! We look forward to working with you!

Why Choose Our Vehicle Wrap Boston Shop?

Our vehicle wrap Boston Shop is on the forefront of 3M car wrap technology. We only purchase the highest quality materials on the market and provide our professional installers with all of the state of the art tooling to get the job done right. Since our inception we decided to operate under 3 basic principles. Those include:

  • Provide friendly and courteous customer service for every customer. We are here for you and your transaction to be as stress free as possible. We welcome any questions you have!
  • Establish affordable pricing. Our car wraps Boston pricing is a fraction of the competition. We generated a number of services and packages to ensure that everyone can afford our services.
  • Our car vinyl installers are all properly trained on every aspect of the installation process. We provide the best tools and training to ensure our technicians have everything they need to meticulously install your wrap.

We have consistently proven that we provide the best car wraps in Boston. Our attention to detail and premium services have allowed us to grow and we thank the community for supporting us. If you do not want to search for “car wrap near me” every again, then call Car Wraps Boston for a free quote!

What to Expect From Our Vinyl Car Wrap Boston Shop

Our vinyl wrap Boston Shop is dedicated to our customers. We ensure that every 3M wrap is meticulously installed by our professional technicians. Also, our car wrap prices will beat any other Boston wrap shops. We want to make sure you get the best possible wrap for the lowest price in town. Our staff strives to make our shop a welcoming atmosphere and provide friendly customer service. We do this by making the transaction as smooth and hassle free as possible. A typical transaction looks like this:

  • You request a quote through one of our media outlets including phone, email, online submittal form or stopping by the shop.
  • We take a look through your request and come up with an estimated cost for labor and figure out the best course of action for your services.
  • Once you have agreed to the terms we have you bring your vehicle in.
  • A labor intensive aspect of the wrap is the required prep work. We detail the outside of your vehicle to remove all dirt. We also buff out any scuffs, nicks or dings to make sure the wrap gets proper adhesion to the vehicle.
  • Our professional installers begin to slowly and meticulously install the graphics or wrap.
  • The post process clean up consists of removing excess wrap around seams and doors and then smoothing out any trouble areas.
  • We then call you down to inspect the vehicle. If anything looks amiss we will work with you to make it right.
  • You leave a happy customer!

We want the transactions at our shop to be as stress free as possible for our customers. We will provide detailed information on every aspect of your vehicle wrap and answer any questions you have before, during or after the wrap is administered. There is a reason we are known for having the best vehicle wraps Boston MA has to offer and it is why so many customers come back to our shop. For the best car wrap in all of Massachusetts call Car Wraps Boston today!

Our Services

Our auto wrap Boston shop has more services available than any other wrap shops in Boston. Car color wrap, custom car wraps and car advertising wrap are just a few of the many premium services provided at our shop. Take a look through our services and if there is a service you do not see or have questions about, do not hesitate to give us a call! We will work with you to make sure the job gets done.

boston car paint protection film

Paint Protection Film

There are many options when it comes to protecting your vehicle from the elements. Many of our vinyl wraps are made with rugged materials to withstand any abuse. But what if you want the benefits of a wrap but love the color of your vehicle already? That is where our paint protection film comes to play! This film is an ultrathin transparent barrier between your vehicle and the abuse from the outdoors. This car wrap cost is very affordable, so you can feel comfortable protecting that beautiful paint job without breaking the bank.

boston car wrap color change

Vinyl Color Change

There is a wide variety of different color car wraps to choose from. It is a difficult and life altering decision to make! Luckily for you we have an option to choose ALL colors! Our vinyl color change has gradients that cover all the colors in the rainbow so you are not stuck making that tough decision. We also have temperature activated color change vinyl wrap that is affected by rain and snow!

boston custom car wrapping

Custom Wrap Design

We have some of the best designers in the state that has led to us seizing the title of best custom car wraps Boston has to offer. We can provide our top of the line designing services for you custom graphics or we can work alongside you to help perfect your own design. Either way you choose you are guaranteed to receive a high quality one of a kind wrap!

boston commercial wraps

Commercial Wraps

When it comes to car signage and car advertising wrap we cannot be beat. We have worked with dozens of companies in the area to help them showcase their company logo on their vehicles. You have to drive from site to site anyway. So why not add your logo to your vehicle so thousands of people can see it every day?! We have seen a number of our customers receive an influx of clients after wrapping their logo on a vehicle!

Car Wraps

We have a long line of car wrap services for any of your needs! We can wrap any size car no matter how small or large. We will transform your old or new car into a piece of art. Our technicians have applied hundreds of car wraps so you know you are getting a quality install. When you need “the best vehicle wraps near me” look no further than Car Wraps Boston!

Truck Wraps

All of our amazing services and packages apply to trucks too! We have worked with many companies to provide their work rigs with their company logo. Each truck looked as perfect as the last! We have also worked with a number of towing companies to provide vinyl wrap for their commercial big rigs. No matter the size of the truck we can wrap it!

Van Wraps

Vans are an excellent vehicle for wrapping. They have large and mostly flat side walls that do not prevent you from creating any custom design you need. Although we primarily serve commercial vans, we have done a wide variety of custom graphics. More recently we turned an old astro van into the van from the A-team! When you need “auto wrap near me” call Car Wraps Boston!

Boat Wraps

Many shops forget about boats when providing vinyl wrap services. But here at Car Wraps Boston there is not a vehicle we will not wrap! We purchase the highest quality marine grade vinyl on the market so your boat will handle even the roughest waters. We can also provide vinyl lettering or advertisements on any surface of your boat.

Bus Wraps

We have worked with a number of companies in the area to provide bus wraps. Our industrial printers can handle any size wrap needed for large busses. We also provide one way vision (or contravision) to extend your advertisements or custom graphics onto the windows.

Trailer Wraps

All of our premium services and packages also apply to trailers! We can provide vinyl wrap for enclosed, gooseneck, travel trailers and even dump trailers. We can transform that old travel trailer and wrap it in brand new graphics. Or take your company's logo and drape it across your trailer to showcase to the world.

Our Packages

One Way Vision (Contravision)

One of our most used packages is our one way vision (also known as contravision). This technology allows you to cover glass surfaces with vinyl without impeding the view from others on the inside. Typically this is used when your storefront has improper materials (brick, stone, wood etc) that make it near impossible to properly adhere vinyl. Or our customers run out of room on their vehicle and really want to make their logo pop so they extend the vinyl onto the windows.

Basic Spot Graphics

Our basic spot graphics package is a low budget package. This package allows you the use of a couple small graphics placed throughout your vehicle. This package can be applied to any vehicle! Many of our customers take advantage of this package by placing a logo on either front door of their vehicle but in the end the choice is yours!

Spot Graphics

Our spot graphics package takes the basic package a little bit further. You are able to cover much more surface area of your vehicle allowing larger graphics and designs to be placed. This package still comes with our standard low prices so you can still showcase a large high quality graphic for a reasonable price!

Partial Wraps

Our partial wraps package expands on the spot graphics package. You are able to cover a large portion of the vehicle like the entire hood, door or even tailgate. You can really let your imagination run wild when designing your logo or custom graphics! We will work alongside you to make sure your design fits your vehicle perfectly.

Full Wraps

Our full wraps package is just that, a full wrap! We have provided monochromatic wrap, polychromatic wrap, color change wrap and many more. Our designers have even designed full wraps for advertisement and contravision to truly cover your entire vehicle. Our Boston car wrap cost a fraction of our competitors so whichever full wrap you choose you know you are getting the best deal in town.

About Boston ma

Boston Massachusetts is nestled in the center of the Massachusetts Bay and is home to almost 700,000 residents in just 89 square miles of landscape. It is believed that the Massachusetts Bay area was inhabited as early as 4000 BC but the first european settlers date as far back as the 17th century. Known for the world famous “Boston Tea Party” in 1773 where American colonists dumped hundreds of chests of tea into the harbor to protest the british imposing egregious taxes. Aside from the detailed historical aspects of Boston there are many desirable attractions to keep you here for weeks. Some of those include the New England Aquarium, helicopter tours and a variety of different inner city tours. Some of the nearby cities include:

  • Cambridge, MA
  • Quincy, MA
  • Newton, MA
  • Somerville, MA
  • Waltham, MA
  • Medford, MA
  • Norwood, MA
  • Dedham, MA
  • Many more surrounding areas

Vehicle Wraps Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wrap my car myself?

Although it is possible it is a meticulous job. We recommend letting the professionals at our shop handle it because there are many variables that come to play that can prevent your wrap from adhering properly.

How long does a car wrap last?

We purchase the best materials on the market and we have seen many of our wraps last 5+ years!

How much does a car wrap cost?

Our prices vary depending on the services. We have packages ranging from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand.

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I cannot believe how cheap they were! I just needed to throw my logo on my truck and other shops wanted close to $1000. These guys were very affordable and did excellent work.

Aron B.

Very friendly service. These guys answered all the questions I had and never hesitated to help me out.

Frankie E.

My business logo never looked so good! They perfectly installed my graphics and I cannot wait to show it off to the city!

Greg H.

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We have the most vinyl services to offer in the area. Our professional technicians have been properly trained in a wide variety of different vinyl technologies. Here at Car Wraps Boston we are dedicated to consistently providing these premium services for affordable prices. Take a look through our website and let us know what we can do to provide vinyl services for you today!


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